Indie-Game-Music-BundleHi Everyone!

I’m taking a break from my usual Microjam post this week to focus on finishing up a few projects that are just ending, as well as getting a head start on a few new ones. There are a few games I’m writing soundtracks for that I can’t talk about yet, a video game fan project I’m really excited to tell you about, and a personal project I’m doing with a kick ass co-composer and I can’t talk ’bout none of it yet.

All that stuff will get it’s own post here once I have some music to show and the go-ahead from those in charge.

In the meantime, did you know the Gunpoint Soundtrack is in the latest Game Music Bundle? The Gunpoint Soundtrack is in the latest Game Music Bundle! At the time of this writing, you’ve still got 11 days to grab the bundle, which includes balls-out rad music for games like Fez, Monaco, World of Goo, FTL and more. You can nab the whole set for a dollar. After taxes, a dollar won’t even get you an order of McNuggets, but here you get six great video game albums, and as a bonus, no ringworm!

If you like, you can opt for the second tier and get 13 more amazing albums for a total of $10.00. But that’s only if you enjoy getting hours and hours of fantastic, original music–which is great–for the price of 3 episodes of Two and a Half Men on iTunes, which is the worst thing a human can do with ten dollars. Like, if that’s the kind of thing you spend your money on, a red flag should go off on a server somewhere in Washington and a government agent should show up at your door, take all your currency away from you because you don’t deserve to use money, and hand you some eggs and a few wolf pelts and tell you to make your way in the world.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, anyway, go check out the bundle. Even if you already grabbed the Gunpoint OST (in which case, thank you!), there’s a ton of great stuff in there.

See you next week!