2137067-joust1Hi Everyone!

Microjam will be going on hiatus for the next few weeks. Gunpoint is part of the PAX 10 this year, so I’ll be heading out to help developer Tom Francis run the booth and chat with fans of the game. I’ll also be trying my hardest not to drool on and/or steal hair clipping from the other developers in the PAX 10, all of whom I’m a huge fan of, but seeing as how I’ve already commissioned individual, engraved specimen capsules for each of them, that seems like it will be a losing battle.

If you’re coming to PAX this year, stop by and say hi! I look like this:

Not Pictured: Hat, cane, dog, wizard.

Oh, and a quick reminder that there’s still time to grab the latest Game Music Bundle! Gunpoint’s in it, along with an insane amount of amazing game music; Fez, FTL, Monaco, the works! Six albums for a dollar, or go up to tier two and get 19 albums for ten bucks. If you’re a fan of amphibians and mathematical equations representing varied parts of a whole, you really should check it out.

We’ve even added new prizes for high contributors, including a custom theme song written by me. Ever wanted to slowly cross a windy bridge while the trench coat you found at Savers billows around you, staring broodily into the distance as an epic choral arrangement heralds your arrival to the downtown Multiplex? YOUR DREAMS ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

See you in Seattle!