bloody_beat-1280x800Man, I love Halloween! From all the crazy misadventures I didn’t go on with my ragtag group of misfit friends after trick-or-treating, to the sexy parties I didn’t attend in college, this holiday really is an amazing treasure trove of awesome stuff that theoretically could have happened to me. Seeing as how I spend most of my time slow roasting my brain in one fantasy world or another, a day based entirely around dressing up like your mental deficiencies are legitimate is something I’m totally on board with.

I’ve written a few horror-themed Microjams every year around this time since I started the series, and since my new one won’t be ready until next week, I thought I’d dredge those older tracks up like some scary analogy from the bottom of some haunted thing or whatever. Give ’em a listen! IF YOU DARE.

One of the earliest Microjams I ever did, and my first horror-inspired one. This would’ve been a couple years back, when Apple only released one minor tweak to the iPhone every couple of months instead of two. Dark times, indeed.


A track I wrote about two of the most terrifying monstrosities of all time, locked in an epic battle for supremacy over the souls of man. I lied, it’s about breakfast food mascots.


John Carpenter is my favorite horror director. HalloweenThe Thing? Great, right? Did you know he does the music for all his films? Me neither. Except I did, which is why I did a piece in his simple, motive-based style.


I wrote this song about Dark Souls, so while it’s not a Halloween track specifically, it is about a game that brutally murders you over and over in a cavalcade of increasingly horrific ways. So the subject matter is both scarier and more appealing than watching Birdemic, at least. I thought I could liven the gameplay up with some candy-flavored beats.


The fact that I made a sequel to that Count Chocula thing is both a frightening insight into my character and a record for the number of fructose based songs written by a single human being.


Somebody stole the driver’s side mirror off of my car last winter, and I made a song about tracking them down and enacting a relentless campaign of psychological torture upon them. It mainly revolved around me reversing all the toilet paper rolls in his house so that they unspooled the underhand way and his bathroom experience was slightly thrown off.

Oh yes. He knows what he did.


A sci-fi horror piece I wrote last Halloween, and probably my favorite of the spookier tracks I’ve done.


Hope these got you guys in the Halloween spirit! Be safe out there, and always expect your candy corn for need marks! And then throw it away, regardless of poison, because candy corn sucks.