gimli DTFHi, Everyone!

Instead of the usual Microjam post for you this week, I’ve got a full sized track to share! My buddy, fellow composer and musical gigolo for hire Jacob Pernell just released “Arcanum,” a new custom-made soundset for Native Instruments’ Razor synth. And it is good! So very, very good.

I wrote a demo to help show it off; everything in this track was made with Arcanum, except for the drums and Jonathan Rhys-Davies dulcet Welsh tones. Hope you like it!

If you’re a composer or producer, I highly recommend giving Arcanum a shot. It’s pay-what-you-want, and adds a lot of firepower to whatever tortured metaphor I was going to make about music being like an army, before I realized that was stupid in the middle of this sentence. You can scope it out here