musicHi, Everyone!

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have time to crank out a new Christmas tune for you this year. There’ve been a string of friends visiting from out of state, lots of music to wrap up for new game projects I can’t wait to tell you more about, and the usual holiday prep work. Plus I live within blocks of one of the biggest malls in the city, so the area around my apartment has become a blasted hellscape where carfires line the roads and roaming gangs of bandits loot the mountains of corpses for thermal socks and mineral-infused bath salts. I spend a good chunk of my writing time sharpening my trident, or putting the ol’ spit shine on my backup trident. Tridents are a big deal in this new landscape.

So I thought I’d take a break from barricading my house to share a few of the holiday songs I’ve written in years past.

This track came about after I reached out to some of my listeners on Facebook and Twitter. I was writing a Christmas song and the first five instruments people suggested would be used. The suggestions I got were guitar, trombone, didgeridoo, cello, and dubstep drop (arguably not an instrument). The result was…um….hm.

I don’t remember writing this song. I remember going to a Black Friday thing at Forever 21 to try to snag some stuff for my wife on the cheap, and then everything went dark. When I awoke, I was facedown on my living room floor, with the tip of my left ring finger missing and this track already converting to mp3 on my laptop.

One of the fastest Microjams I’ve ever done, this one took me maybe an hour to write, record, and mix, from start to finish. Piano, some sleighbells, a little bit of chiptune for flavor, and boom. Christmas song. Eat it Manheim Steamroller.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!