bill_nye_heart_2_Hi, Everyone!

I came back from the holiday expecting to be refreshed and ready to get down to writing, and instead was surprised with one of the most epic weeks of writer’s block I’ve ever had. Anyone who works in a creative field will tell you that, while there are various tricks and techniques you can use to try to get inspired, if ideas aren’t coming, there’s not much you can do to rush them. Normally when this happens to me, I take a walk or do something mundane like laundry. Anything to stop myself from focusing on the project I’m having trouble with. Usually, once I get my mind off of music, something I like will come to me. It’s the same reason why most people get great ideas in the shower; your mind comes up with the good stuff when you’re not really searching for it.

Last week, though, was brutal. Writer’s block hit hard, and no amount of household chores or exercise would dislodge it. I’d struggle for hours and come up with maybe a few seconds of material. Material I didn’t even like.

I took a break from the project to work on what was supposed to be last week’s Microjam, thinking that working on a different track might clear my head. Nope. Even when I was just trying to produce my weekly “for fun” piece, nothing was coming to me.

After a long weekend of listening to music, trying to relax, and enough coffee to make every sentence that left my mouth sound like an Al Pacino style “cocaine rant,” I’m feeling a lot more creative this week. So I took another swing at the Microjam, and instead of trying to come up with anything high-concept, just kind of let whatever hit me do what it wanted to do.

Ended  up with this chiptuney track. And I’m ok with it! I don’t hate it, anyway, so that’s something.