russelHi Everyone!

So you know how most of you are probably capable of expressing yourselves? Like with words strung together to form coherent sentences, or with body language or hand gestures that don’t give off a “This guy was homeschooled by a racist cartoon Italian” kind of vibe? Not so much with me. Like a lot of musicians, I’m most comfortable on my instrument, which is why it was more than a little troubling when my digital piano stopped working this week. I connect it to my software and use it as an input tool, but I also spend a lot of time just playing on it like an acoustic piano, and not having it means that I’m both super bummed and have to learn how to order a coffee without flailing and accidentally pimp-slapping the barista in the face.

Anyway, point is, there was supposed to be a new Cover Corner for you this week, but that feature is on hiatus while I look for a new piano. In the meantime, I watched Big Trouble In Little China with my wife two days ago, which means Kurt Russel and his crazy mullet and weird tank top and folksy homespun Burtonisms have taken up permanent residence in my braincase. And everyone knows there’s only one way to exorcise Kurt Russel; you write an 80s-ass song full of 80s-ass synths and he just sort of pop-and-locs his way back to the realm of dreams where he belongs. So I did that. Here ya go.