noirHi Everyone!

Been playing L.A. Noire lately,  because, due to my limited gaming time, I am perpetually nine years behind everyone else. I am to video games what far Eastern Europe is to music, we just learned what Radiohead was like four weeks ago and they are just so hot right now.

Rockstar is best known for Grand Theft Auto, which I’m not a huge fan of, mainly because that game insists that I make my own fun in a huge open world and I don’t want to. Guys! I have like twelve minutes to play video games before the deuce my dog is brewing reaches critical mass and I need to take her outside. And after that it’s bedtime. How about you make my own fun, hm?

But when they make a game with more of a story-driven focus like this one, I’m all aboard. They absolutely nailed everything about the 1940s setting. I love me some noir stuff, so all they had to do was get it half-right and I’d be set, but it’s crazy immersive.

Gunpoint launched last summer, and while the music I made for it was inspired by cigarette chomping private eyes and seedy speakeasy’s, I haven’t really written anything like that since. L.A. Noire has me wanting to dip back into that style, so I made a little jazz-combo piece this week. It’s a theme for a noir female lead, the kind with “gams” instead of regular legs. She’ll either betray you or end up dead 20 minutes into the story. Old-timey gender politics, am I right?

Anyway, hope you palookas dig it.