awards Hi Everyone!

There was going to be a Microjam this week (and last week), but then I found out that Gunpoint got nominated for two BAFTA awards, and it’s kind of hard to write songs when you’re flailing around on the floor, convulsing and drooling all over the jeans you just got at H & M.

For all you clueless yanks out there like me, the BAFTAs are like the American Academy Awards, except that they actually kind of give a shit about video games as well as Film and TV. Gunpoint got nominated for Best Debut and Best British Game, which means we’re up against crazy things like Grand Theft Auto V, Tearaway, and The Stanley Parable. I’ll be wearing a small ampule around my neck at the awards, and if I manage to capture just a little bit of Davey Wreden’s scent inside of it, I’ll consider it the greatest win of all.

So that’s kind of, I mean, yeah. Huge, gargantuan congrats goes out to John Robert Matz and Francisco Cerda, who also wrote some amazing music for the game, as well as John Roberts and Fabian Van Dommelen, the artists who made it look so great. And of course, Tom Francis who wrote, developed, programed and designed the game, as well as inventing a machine that, upon malfunction, accidentally flung me into a parallel universe where I’m a more successful version of myself.

So while that’s the big news, I figure I’ll use this opportunity to give you guys an update on the other projects I’m working on!

interference carInterference

I’ve mentioned it on the site before, but I’m co-composing the music for a super stylized stealth cyberpunk game along with a guy by the name of José Mora Jimenez, who is insanely talented. We got greenlit on Steam recently, and the project is looking better all the time! Here are a few tracks I’ve done, to get you started.

labShadow Lab

I’m working with the guys over at Sparkypants Games, many of whom are from the former Big Huge Games, which made Kingdoms of Amalur, which I was in love with. They have a fantastic new stealth game in the works, and I’m really excited about the direction the soundtrack is taking. Will be able to share some very soon!



A game where you play through some of the major events of Greek mythology, flinging godly powers around like nobody’s business. The soundtrack is very inspired by Ancient Greek music, and is really different from anything else I’ve ever donr!



rotpRemnants of the Past

This is a free Phoenix Wright fan game. I’m currently helping them out with the soundtrack, along with my music-bro Jacob Pernell. I know a lot of you probably rolled your eyes as soon as you saw “fan game,” but if you’re a fan of the series like me, I think you should get excited. The dev takes Phoenix Wright really seriously (as seriously as you can take a courtroom drama with magic and psychic powers, anyway) and all the voice work, art, and scriptwriting I’ve seen so far looks incredibly legit. Fingers crossed Capcom doesn’t sue us into oblivion! Did I mention it’ll be free???

Other stuff!

I can’t talk about it yet!