Hey There!

So, I may have, um, sort of . . . forgotten I had a website. For 6 months. It’s mostly because my wife and I moved from California to Seattle, work got crazy, and I got brain parasites from eating a mango someone left on a park bench. But if you could all pretend my absence as actually because I became a sexy international art thief and was on the run from the FBI, I would consider it a personal favor.

I’m working on a ton of games right now, and I’d love to share some of them with you! I mentioned Interference a few posts back, as well as Shadow Lab, but since moving to Seattle I’ve started on about 10 other games, because I absolutely love what I do, and also I’m stupid. But this house of cards hasn’t fallen down yet, so lemme tell you about Devouring Stars!

It’s an RTS where you play as cosmic entities fighting an age-old war in space, and that’s pretty much a white tiger and a few lightning bolts short of being the most metal sentence ever written. I’m doing both music and sound for it and really loving how it’s shaping up. Here are a few of the tracks I’ve done so far!

It’ll be coming out on PC and Mac, as well as other stuff down the line. Check it out!