Chrono Tirgger does an awesome series called “25 Games For My Son.” It’s about passing games that meant a lot to you, or shaped who you are today, down to your kids, the same way that people share books or movies that defined them with the next generation. Definitely worth checking out, whether or not you’re a parent (I’m not), since it’s just a really cool exploration of the way games influence as as we grow.

They commissioned a remix album to go along with their episode for Chrono Trigger, and I couldn’t say no. I chose Frog’s Theme, because he’s always been my favorite character in the game, but also because it’s really hard to tell us apart.


Chrono Trigger Frog

Frog me pic

I’m the second one.

The album is full of talented people like Open Heart Sound, Hyperduck Soundworks, Jacob Pernell, and tons more.

You can grab it on Loudr right now, if you like! My track is below, but even if you’re not digging it, there’s so much variety on this thing that almost any Chrono Trigger fan will find something to love.