Red Awakening ChainsawHi, everyone!

I’m a huge horror fan. I love The Thing, the first two Dead Space games, House of Leaves, etc. Not only is someone getting their head chopped off by a machete-wielding maniac a visceral, engaging image for me, but it also just makes me feel better about myself. I mean, I still have a head. So I’m doing better than that guy; he probably deserved it.

So I’m very excited to be working on a Red Awakening, an upcoming 80s horror-themed FPS for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. It mixes a crazy fun arena shooter with parkour, drug induced hallucinations, and frozen bananas. Did I say I’m excited about this game already? Because I am.

I’m doing both sound and music for it, so I’ll share tracks here as they come along. In the mean time , I have a ton of squishy/gross sound effects to make, which means going to Trader Joe’s, buying a bunch of tropical fruit, and doing absolutely unspeakable things to it.