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Starr Mazer

Starr Mazer FundedStarr Mazer is one of those games that I still sort of can’t believe is actually happening.

Mixing old school SHMUP and point-and-click adventure game elements into an entirely new thing? Check.

Amazing cast of characters, led by a mix between Han Solo and Zapp Brannigan? Check.

Gorgeous pixel art that looks like an oil painting made out of little squares? Check.

Oh, and a soundtrack featuring the likes of chiptune legend Alex Mauer, Manami Matsumae from Mega Man, Virt from Shovel Knight, and over 20 other amazing artists?


Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer and tell me that doesn’t look so cool it’s unfair.

Starr Mazer from Imagos Films on Vimeo.

I couldn’t be more excited to be one of the artists included, and I can’t wait to get started. I’ll share music here as it comes along, but for now, here’s a remix I made of Alex Mauer’s main theme.

Oh, and to everyone who backed us, THANK YOU. Things like this don’t get made without hundreds of cool people being willing to take a risk on us. You are the best.


Red Awakening

Red Awakening ChainsawHi, everyone!

I’m a huge horror fan. I love The Thing, the first two Dead Space games, House of Leaves, etc. Not only is someone getting their head chopped off by a machete-wielding maniac a visceral, engaging image for me, but it also just makes me feel better about myself. I mean, I still have a head. So I’m doing better than that guy; he probably deserved it.

So I’m very excited to be working on a Red Awakening, an upcoming 80s horror-themed FPS for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. It mixes a crazy fun arena shooter with parkour, drug induced hallucinations, and frozen bananas. Did I say I’m excited about this game already? Because I am.

I’m doing both sound and music for it, so I’ll share tracks here as they come along. In the mean time , I have a ton of squishy/gross sound effects to make, which means going to Trader Joe’s, buying a bunch of tropical fruit, and doing absolutely unspeakable things to it.



Devouring Stars

Hey There!

So, I may have, um, sort of . . . forgotten I had a website. For 6 months. It’s mostly because my wife and I moved from California to Seattle, work got crazy, and I got brain parasites from eating a mango someone left on a park bench. But if you could all pretend my absence as actually because I became a sexy international art thief and was on the run from the FBI, I would consider it a personal favor.

I’m working on a ton of games right now, and I’d love to share some of them with you! I mentioned Interference a few posts back, as well as Shadow Lab, but since moving to Seattle I’ve started on about 10 other games, because I absolutely love what I do, and also I’m stupid. But this house of cards hasn’t fallen down yet, so lemme tell you about Devouring Stars!

It’s an RTS where you play as cosmic entities fighting an age-old war in space, and that’s pretty much a white tiger and a few lightning bolts short of being the most metal sentence ever written. I’m doing both music and sound for it and really loving how it’s shaping up. Here are a few of the tracks I’ve done so far!

It’ll be coming out on PC and Mac, as well as other stuff down the line. Check it out!



Shadow Lab

shadowlbI’m doing the soundtrack for Shadow Lab, a stealth game in which you play as a skilled operative sent to uncover the secrets of an ominous underground research lab. The game is procedurally generated, meaning that your goals, the threats you’ll face, and even the level layout are different every time you play!

A friend asked me if I’m feeling “typecast” getting hired to do so many stealth games, but since my natural inclination when there’s danger is to hide in the dark until it goes away, I feel a special connection with the genre, so I’m down with it.

The game is in development by Sparkypants, and indie studio made up of a lot of talent from former AAA dev house Big Huge Games. I’ll have music to share very soon, but in the mean time, check out Shadow Lab on their website!


Interference is a cyberpunk stealth game about liberating an oppressed city from a despotic government and it’s army of robot police. The player has the power to “glitch” reality; dividing the world around then into a grid pattern and reshaping it at their will. 

Interference is currently in pre-alpha, and was recently Greenlit on Steam!

Check out the website here, and sample a few tracks from the score below. I’m co-writing the Soundtrack with the awesome José Mora-Jiménez.  More coming soon!



GunpointGunpoint is a sci-fi stealth game influenced by noir detective fiction. Think cool futuristic gadgets meets trenchcoats and rain-soaked streets. You use a mix of technology, subterfuge and puzzle-solving prowess to infiltrate highly-secured buildings and steal confidential information, all while gradually unravelling a gritty tale of conspiracy and deception. Cool, right?

I wrote all the level music in the game, while the amazing Francisco Cerda (Jamestown) provided the upgrade menu music and the fantastic John Robert Matz (Artemis) wrote the somber and brooding main theme. We were all chosen to do music for this game based on an audition competition. I feel incredibly honored to have been selected amongst submissions from some of the best musicians in indie gaming, including C418 (Minecraft) and Hyperduck Soundworks (Dust: An Elysian Tale).

Gunpoint was a nominee for an IGF award for Design at GDC in 2012, and went #1 on Steam at launch. You can get the original, Special, or Exclusive editions here.

The full soundtrack, featuring all the music from the game, is currently available on Bandcamp. $5.00 will get you all the music used in game, plus a ton of bonus content including unused tracks, original work for the album, and remixes!

And here’s a little preview of the album to get you started:

Thanks for listening. If enough of you check out the game, maybe fedoras will be cool again! Fingers crossed!


chromaChroma is a mobile game about Huey. An dark force has stolen the color from his world, and using his trusty magic paintbrush Tint, he must embark on a quest to defeat the evil beings responsible and return color and art to the landscape. Sounds way more fun than just going to Home Depot to look at paint samples.

I’m currently writing the soundtrack for Chroma. It’s a lot of fun so far; there’s a lot of room to experiment with the idea of “color” in a musical sense, and I can’t wait to make some of the tracks public soon. The game is being created by the folks at Hg Template Studios, and music and more info will be posted here when it is closer to release.

Extreme Road Trip 2 OST

extreme-road-trip-2-02-700x525While not featured in the game itself, I was lucky enough to get to write a track for the album release of Extreme Road Trip 2. The main soundtrack was written by the incredibly talented Big Giant Circles, who’s written for games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect 2, among many others.


You can hear my contribution below. If you’re interested, you can buy the whole album on BGC’s Bandcamp page. 


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